School Squad Training

Taking your Squad skills to the NEXT level!



Team Training

In addition to our all-star and class programs, Jaguar Athletics offers a variety of custom camps, clinics, workshops, and team training to all-star, school, collegiate, and recreational cheer teams in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We collaborate with you to create a schedule that is customized to help you reach your goals. Because we offer instruction regardless of age, experience, or skill level we use curriculum-based training methods in order to ensure that we are providing quality instruction without sacrificing individual attention. We believe that “Drills Get Skills”, and with this in mind, our training curriculums emphasize the proper execution of drills as a means to promote the independent and lasting acquisition of skills. “The Jags Way” follows a progressive learning pattern — requiring skill proficiency before progression — and for this reason, we also limit spotting as a standard.

School Camps

In general, this service consists of two (2) or more days of training and ranges anywhere from four (4) to six (6) hours each day. You have the undivided attention of our highly-trained staff while learning something new and having fun along the way. Services may focus on a single discipline- such as building, tumbling, or choreography; or they may be customized for multi-disciplinary instruction.

Camps may also be used to prepare for events like pep rallies, game days, or competitions.

For more information on camps, please contact us.

*multiple programs may be permitted to participate in the same camp.


This service is similar to a camp in structure, except that clinics are generally only held on one (1) day — for a few hours — with emphasis placed on a specific category or skill.

Examples of clinics we provide are:



Back Walkover;

Back Handspring;


Level Specific Stunt Transitions;

Dance; etc.

Our technicians are continually expanding their knowledgebase and we love to share what we’ve learned!

For more information on clinics, please contact us.

*multiple programs may be permitted to participate in the same clinic.

School Teams

Team Training provides the same benefits of our camps and clinics in addition to the advantage of working with Jag’s award-winning technicians on an ongoing basis. You will receive feedback specific to each individual, in addition to recommendations regarding steps and/or activities that will help strengthen your team.

For more information on Team Training, please contact us.