Full-Year Team Options



Low Commitment | Local Travel

All-Star Novice welcomes athletes moving up from Fundamentals or with some cheer experience. Novice continues to grow the love for All-Star cheer while focusing on strengthening skill technique. This program is centered around exposing cheerleaders to competition programs but in an evaluation-only setting (scored by rating not ranking). This professional program is a bridge to more competitive programs when the athlete is ready to move forward.


Moderate Commitment | In-State Travel

All-Star Prep is perfect for the athlete that is ready to move on to the next level of competitive cheer. Athletes may have some previous cheer experience through recreation programs, previous all-star programs, or school cheerleading. All-Star Prep teams will be competing at one-day events and continue to learn All-Star cheerleading skills and progression that is centered around safety and developing strong technical skills.


High Commitment | National Travel

All-Star Elite is the highest level of competitive cheer. All-Star Elite athletes have strong foundational tumbling and cheerleading skills and are dedicated to the sport. These athletes want to take their “cheer passion” to the next level and compete at prestigious competitions both locally and nationally.